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Driving Change doesn’t have to be all ‘U

The Actuate Change Driver Model


By completing some simple steps strategically, effectively and in sequence, you can help people move from Contact to Commitment.

Naturally, the map is not the territory, and the on-the-ground realities vary for every case and change scenario.

But having worked with this model for over 17 years, we have found it to be delightfully simple and extremely effective when used properly.


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Whereas we all know that the pinnacle of Change Management is Adoption and Institutionalisation, most of us will be more familiar with the negative consequences of not reaching those dizzy heights.

These consequences are listed along the X Axis at the bottom of the model. These are the points at which a well-meaning campaign can fall down, burst into flames of frustration, and bruise our professional egos. We’ve all been there!

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Thankfully, the model acknowledges these potential pitfalls and suggests the remedy of going back one step to reengage your audience with an improved iteration that will effectively get your audience over that hurdle.

Instead of trying to roll a rock all the way uphill, this model creates a series of ratchets that prevent that rock from tumbling all the way down to crush your spirit!

Try it, and let us know how it works for you.

PS. If you have a Change Management learning or challenge that you would like to share, we would love to hear about it.

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