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Change Communication




Change is a language. Either you can talk it, or you can’t and we’ve spent the last 20 years refining our approach to the communication aspects of change.


Your people have different worldviews and ensuring we ‘talk’ to the archetypal ones are essential in landing your change messages.

Change Marketing™

Change Marketing makes change sexy!


It’s what you get, when you mash change management and marketing together.


We mix the principles and approaches that drive positive organisational change, with the creative concepts and elements from marketing, and

wrap it all up in  advertising execution to actually engage your leaders and employees on

your change journey.


Big change. Small change.

Just add Change Marketing.




One of our favourite ways to communicate change is through strategic storytelling.


Strategic Storytelling is taking your organisational, divisional, or team strategy and turning it into a story – filled with characters, in situations, dealing with challenges and facing choices. This arouses your audience’s interest, makes them care and sparks action that turbocharges your chances of your business strategy being executed.


Employee Marketing

and Internal Comms

We Actuate your employee marketing and internal comms by applying principles and practices shamelessly stolen from advertising.  We build out your campaign around a creative concept that resonates with your audiences

and respects their intelligence.


Learning, Training, Facilitating 

In order to take your audience beyond awareness and understanding of your change imperative and drive support, involvement and commitment, we develop fit for purpose learning and development interventions. From 1-day Leadership Storytelling Masterclasses, to 6-month Management Development Interventions and everything in between, we select the best partners to develop the most impactful solutions built around the latest adult learning principles. In person and online. (11) copy.png (11) copy.png

People Value Chain

We’re not HR consultants (thankfully!), but we have a healthy appreciation and understanding of the HR value chain and your People Practices. More often than not, artefacts, processes and communication elements that are created for your change programme, can elegantly be blended into practices like induction; reward and recognition: performance management, talent management and learning & development. (1).png (1).png

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are happier, more productive, produce more profit and lead to delighted customers. Fact.


We equate employee engagement as a psychological state driven by a heightened cognitive and emotional connection an employee has with their organisation, that drives willing discretionary effort and flow.


Engaged employees and leaders is the ultimate goal of all our work. We can’t influence all the drivers, but employees that understand your strategy and love your brand are what we live for. (9).png (9).png

Organisational Development and ‘Change Management’

Let’s face it, ‘Change Management’ is an oxymoron. What we do strive for is ‘change coherence’, through a variety of behavioural change approaches.


All our programmes have a strong grounding in strategic change models, with an unashamed bias for ‘Asset Based’ methods that leverage the latest thinking in positive psychology. (7) copy.png (7) copy.png
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