What began as Internal Comms or Employee Marketing, shifting into Employee Engagement has been hard at work in the corporate landscape for years, with varying results.


One of the reasons is that campaigns very often were after one thing: a tactical behavioural change. And while you might achieve that in the short run, when the campaign is over, people revert back to the way that they’ve always done things. Slipping back into the ingrained behaviours learned from the culture they came into.


It’s why we focus our thinking and process on changing culture. We believe that when you do this, behaviours, attitudes, and outcomes start to flow fluidly.


We’re intellectually curious,

creatively courageous and

proudly professional.

We see the great impact that good companies can have on a nation. If we can help develop leaders, create ‘can-do’ attitudes, and inspire people to their best in enough companies, then we can change our nation. When you change enough nations, we can change the world. We start by changing ourselves.


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