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Equip and enable front line employees and managers to improve investment product sales and convert customers to opening an investment account on the App.


Bankers and call centre agents were interviewed, mystery shopping calls and branch visits were conducted. We also did mystery shopping calls with Nedbank competitors. 


Investment conversations at Nedbank focused on the facts and figures of the product - how much, how long, when, and what was covered in good detail. In addition there was a lot of parity in the different Investment products that competitor banks offer. 


First Line Managers were not having quality conversations with clients that would enable them to match their needs to the right investment product. We needed to equip  employees to have a different conversation - a smart conversation that gets to the heart of their clients needs, dreams and aspirations - in other words, we needed to find out WHY people are investing and help them to get excited about their goals.



Create a platform of engagement with front line bankers and employees that enables:

1. Smart client conversations

2. Smart  client / product matchmaking 

3. 100% transition to digital channels for all investment products


Be the X Factor, ask WHY?


We launched the Ask Why? Campaign to all managers and front line staff that equipped them with the information, tools and skills they needed to change their behaviour.

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1326 Nedbank QSC Teasers - 15 June 2020 V052.jpg


Employees completed an online survey pre and post the Ask WHY? Campaign. 


Improvement in confidence in knowing and understanding the Investment products.


Improvement in confidence in selling the Investment products.


Improvement in explaining the opening of a digital investment account to clients.


Improvement in confidence in matching the correct investment product to the client’s needs.


Improvement in the perception of how interactions are tracked.


Increase in confidence meeting Investment sales targets.


Increase in the satisfaction rating of the tools and resources available.


“I can see this journey and it all talks about everything we are trying to do in Nedbank around our intent and our vision. So, talking about that financial expertise, using our financial expertise to do good, this is helping us to do that. Right, by asking the why then, you know, helping clients to get to to start this dream and this vision, like the one banker that shared say that he feels by asking why he is creating, you know, his conversations with clients are now becoming so much more meaningful because he’s creating a vision for 
this client.”


Seema Nundhlall

Provincial Sales Manager Client Networks: Gauteng North

“The benefits of the campaign were more than what it was intended for. It got the staff to open up in terms of role plays and we found the effect on the performance of the branch, and of the individuals improved. Our core performance has improved 200%.”


Prakashan Govender

Branch Manager: Cresta

“The role plays really helped me to understand the gaps my bankers have and to then close those gaps. Everyone got involved in our branch and there was definitely an increase in leads from our multi-functionals. We got to know the client’s goal better and they felt we were really taking care of their financial wellbeing.”


Pranilla Vishnupersad

Branch Manager: Fourways

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