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4 Ingredients for Measurable Change – Enjoy!

When change communications are reduced to information alone, you’ve got more chance of losing weight on a diet of fast food.

To see the measurable impact of real change in a corporate body, you need the four ingredients from the Actuate T.I.S. Model© as shown below:

TIS Model.png
  1. A compelling vision of what success looks like and why your audience will love it. [This is your enthusiastic waitron drenching the meal description with delicious adjectives.]

  2. Information is the vegetables, totally necessary, but much easier to handle with the right tools. [In this case your cutlery is sales aids, cheat sheets, managers toolkits or simple guides.]

  3. Once they start to pick up the change, help them develop new skills with simple hacks or training programmes. [Remember learning to stop chasing peas around the plate and squash them with a fork?]

  4. Finally, to make all that nutritious change so much easier to swallow, offer a dessert to those that show a healthy appetite. [This can be anything from informal recognition, to overseas trips.]

That’s it. Sure, it’s easier in theory than in practice, but if you take this gourmet approach, next time you serve up a change programme, your team will lap it up.


PS. To sample some of our most successful recipes for change management, contact Kevin at 083 324 8022 or e-mail

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