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Every client we work with has a sales challenge. Their situations are all unique of course, but not one of them has the problem of too many sales.


Apart from the owner at the nearby pub on a Friday afternoon, we never hear the comment, “I just wish we could slow the demand!”


There are many ways to address flagging sales, and one of the most popular is to throw money at consumer marketing. This can work to some extent, but it is not always the best use of limited resources.


Apart from the fact that consumer marketing often misses its mark, it also misses the opportunity to make the most of what you’ve already got on hand, standing by, ready, willing, and very able to do much better – your own sales force.


Sales people are a special breed of human. By their very nature they like to compete, but most of all they love to succeed. So, when sales are down in your business, you can be sure that morale is low in your sales force too.


 Fortunately, there are six steps to redressing both of these issues through the creative use of strategic employee marketing that I am happy to share.

That’s it!


As an example of how the six steps can work - we recently developed a campaign for a client that needed to refocus its sales force around a new banking proposition. The R2m campaign netted a R213m NPV gain from 929% increase in specific sales outcomes.


Not in banking? Not a problem.


In the FMCG space, we implemented a six-step employee marketing and capability building programme around an underperforming category. The campaign resulted in a Y.O.Y growth from 2% to 25% in the sales cohort that we worked with, with nominal sales improving a staggering 36% over a 6-month period.


The really great news is that the increased sales resulting from these two employee marketing and training programmes paid for themselves within weeks of launch, and the increase in sales force morale was equally dramatic.


So, next time you are facing a drop in sales, consider these six steps to boosting the power of your own people.


 If you would like to find out how our six-step solution could help sales in your environment, please email Kevin at or call for a free consultation on (011) 021 1400.

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